Can I get a second opinion?

There are times when getting a second opinion is a good idea. Should you doctor recommend a surgery, and you have doubts about whether it is a good idea, it might be good time to see another doctor. Generally, you can get a second opinion of an invasive treatment (surgery) is offered, or if your doctor is not whole heartedly recommending the treatment. Under the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act, any second opinion would have to be authorized by the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Carrier. A second opinion can be obtained by having your doctor recommend a specific doctor, or by having the insurance carrier provide a panel of three physicians. I have been able to obtain second opinions under both scenarios.

What is important, is to realize that before you undergo any surgery, you should be able to obtain the advice of another doctor as to whether you are doing the right thing. You can always ask your doctor for the name of another physician in order to get a second opinion. Your doctor will not be offended, and actually should be pleased that you are taking very responsible steps to safeguard your health.